Volume 4: Issue 1: June 2020

Determinants of Consumer News Preference: a Structural Approach
Debastuti Dasgupta & Alok Kumar Sahai

Abstract- This study investigates the effects of two important disposition variables, namely, the perceived novelty of the news and perceived bias of the consumers on the preference of news consumption. The choice of news could also be affected by mediating factors of discrete emotions such as anger and anxiety. Anger is a strong negative emotion and steers the consumer to search for additional information to counter this emotion, while anxiety is a mild positive emotion which pushes the consumers to search for additional corroborating information. For this study, a stratified random sampling procedure was employed to select 300 students (100 each) from the Law, Management and Arts faculties of Devi Ahilya Vishwa Vidyalaya (Indore University in India) during January-February 2019. These students were shown six short video news clips on Whatsapp and were then administered structured questionnaires to study the effects of their predispositions towards news and the mediating factors on news preference. A final sample of 239 students answered 16 Likert type questions on perceived bias, novelty, mediating variables and news preference. Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) of data revealed that both perceived novelty of the news items and perceived bias of the consumer, directly and through the mediating emotions, affect news preference.

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